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Stud Earrings

It is not only for specific occasions that these lovely pieces are chosen. Besides, festivals, functions, and events, they can be worn regularly as well. Every Indian woman always has a perfect pair of stud earrings in her wardrobe; for they are her best cover for any occasion from weddings to casual parties.

Rare will be an occasion in India when you discuss jewellery, especially diamonds, without referring to women. Just like the gemstones in an earring adore a girl’s beauty, her wearing them completes them in return. Now watch the women in your family shop for hoops, drops, danglers, studs without having to face the hassles of a marketplace. Let your girls go shopping online for their favorite pearl stud earrings.

Gold Stud Earrings online

Choose from our gleaming collection of gold stud earrings, a perfect match to your painstakingly made dress for that special wedding. These small stud earrings with the perfectly balanced gold content make for a unique piece of jewel for a girl. These exquisitely designed earrings will definitely add enduring value to your jewellery box.

D’amor’s wide array of gold stud earrings will leave you stunned. From the glittering gold diamond combination or small stud earrings made in gold, we have the assortment to provide you with gold earrings for life.

Diamond Stud Earrings online

Diamond is one of those things women lust for, besides nice men with a touch of richness. Owning a diamond is a point a woman can make another woman jealous! The knowledge of this fact helps us design some of the most brilliant diamond stud earrings for women.

D’amor online jewellery store offers an exquisite collection for you to choose from. Our classy and stylish diamond earrings designs are matchless. The variety of shapes with designs tailor made for your need is our biggest feature. Even the designs of small diamond earrings embedded in the most lustrous metals will amaze you with their unique sparkle. Check out the widest variety of earrings online and we promise you will be tempted to buy them.

Blue Sapphire Stud Earrings

Blue sapphires, with their purple, violet, green hues, are enough to make a jewel elegant irrespective of its size. And you are bound to fall in love with a pair of blue sapphire stud earrings, or even tiny stud earrings, with blue sapphires embedded in them. Check out our unique assembly of gorgeous blue sapphire jewellery online for this festive season! Set in luxurious metals, the precious blue sapphire stud earrings dreamy hues will make you feel like a princess. You will click this ‘buy’ unknowingly.

Ruby Stud Earrings

Ruby, the pompous pink to blood red gemstone is enough to make the wearer look stunning.And you are bound to fall in love with a pair of cute stud earrings with rubies embedded in them. Check out our unique assembly of gorgeous Ruby Stud Earrings online for this festive season! Set in luxurious metals, the precious ruby stud earrings energetic hues will make you feel like a princess. You will click the ‘buy’ unknowingly. Our gleaming assortment of ruby earrings with their intense designs will make you go crazy. Find the best designs of the season with your favourite ruby.

Heart Shaped Stud Earrings

The idea of heart shaped stud earrings is itself so cute. The season to celebrate your love is always on. And if you find some elegant and mysterious gold heart stud earrings to gift her,nothing like it. D’amor brings you heart stud earrings crafted in cool gold, diamond and other precious metals. Make your romantic gift look elegant and classy by choosing from our collection. Shop from our classic and modern earrings assembly to suit your beloved’s beauty type and her delicate moods.

Emerald Stud Earrings

Emeralds are extravagant. They emanate a glow which is can’t be captured in diamonds.They are rare, and so the most special of gemstones. Its lavish peculiarity adds a unique grandeur to your jewel box.

Emeralds are for evening, they say. D’amor’s neat collection of Emerald Stud Earrings will amaze you. Layer on the glam at a formal evening party or pair them with your opulent dress at a wedding. Our range provides for every special occasion you wish to wear that majesticgreen gemstone.

Shop for emerald stud earrings online now.

Flower Stud Earrings

An astonishing range of irresistible flower stud earrings designs by D’amor is waiting to tempt you here. Check our collection of some of the finest flower stud earrings. Mix and match the classic earrings with a variety of dresses to create looks for any occasion. Shop for flowery stud earrings now.

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